Video Streaming on Storj

One of the other useful components to the Storj network is the native support for MP4 video streaming. Simply upload your video to your Storj bucket (either from the web interface or via Filezilla) then use the public shareable link to the video file to embed it wherever you want.

The clip below is an example of a video hosted on the decentralized Storj network (here is the link to the video itself so you can see the decentralized node distribution of the file itself)

The html code below was used in this particular post to embed the video using the Publii static website builder. Note that the URL for the MP4 video requires "?view" after the file extension. This is because the raw link displays an informational page about the nodes that are hosting that particular file. To bypass that informational page you must attach the "?view" to the end of the URL in order for video embedding to work.

<figure class="post__video"><video loading="lazy" width="300" height="150" controls="controls" data-mce-fragment="1"><source src=""></video></figure>

A word of caution with video streaming on Storj: Depending on the length and quality of your video and the traffic your video receives, you may quickly eat up your available free bandwidth on your Storj account. The current free tier of Storj offers 50GB of bandwidth per month. This should be enough for low-traffic websites and/or short videos. If you exceed this limit you'll need to fund your Storj account with either a credit card or by paying in Storj tokens. 

It's worth noting that the cost of additional bandwidth at the time of writing this article is only $7/TB which is 3x less expensive than comparable bandwidth costs with Amazon's S3 storage!